GRE Fun Facts

imgresEver wonder who you’re competing against when you sit down to take a standardized test? Well, your loyal, hardworking Twainstein staff has done the research for you and compiled a neat little list of fun facts that may surprise you about your competition. (Also, you might be shocked to discover the amount of money the ETS makes from the GRE each year–it’s a lot!)

  • The GRE General Test is taken by about 675,000 people from 230 countries each year.
  • Research has shown that the GRE has excellent predictive validity for grad school success mainly in social science programs. (This means, of course, that the gripe of those in the humanities field claiming the GRE has nothing to do with their potential success in grad school, has scientific merit.)
  • The GRE is now accepted in lieu of the GMAT at virtually all business schools in the world.
  • The level of mathematics tested on the GRE is junior high and high school. There is no trigonometry or calculus–just basic algebra, arithmetic and geometry.
  • Almost half (48%) of all test takers have earned their undergraduate degrees in a quantitative field (science, engineering, economics).
  • The GRE is administered in 160 countries.
  • The GRE has been in administration since 1949 (that’s over 60 years!).
  • The average (50 percentile) score nationwide for both quant and verbal is 151.
  • The ETS (GRE owner) collects over $100,000,000 in revenue from students taking the GRE (whoa!).
  • The average number of times a test-taker sits for the exam is about two. (There is no statistical information on this; it is based on anecdotal data).

There you have it! Now go study properly for this test so you hit your score the first time and don’t line the ETS’ pockets with more of your hard-earned cash than you need to.


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