Why are test prep classes and tutoring so expensive?

Our classes and tutoring packages are competitively priced to remain considerably below the industry average but they are certainly not cheap. We only select the highest-level instructors to teach at Twainstein, ones with a demonstrated track record of student success and satisfaction. These are professional GMAT/GRE teachers, not part-timers and they are paid accordingly. Much of our resources also go into development and revision of course materials to ensure that our study materials—both online and print—are always up-to-date and realistically reflect the actual test.

Can you tell me more about your 80/50 approach to succeeding on the GMAT/GRE?

Can we ever! This is precisely the principle on which Twainstein was founded. It is really a variation of the famous Pareto Principle (also known as the 80–20 rule), which states that roughly 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes. In his many years teaching GMAT/GRE, company founder Avi Lidgi noticed that 20% of his students achieved 80% of the highest scores. These students focused on mastering the few concepts and strategies that appeared most frequently on the exam. Turns out, these were also the easiest questions on the exam. From this observation, Avi created, designed and wrote a stripped-down curriculum that focuses on just 50% of the material that comprises 80% of the questions.

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Are you saying this is an easy test and you have secret shortcuts to acing it?

A quick word of caution/clarification here: We are not trying to suggest that the GRE/GMAT is any way an easy test that doesn’t require much time and practice. It does! However, the most common mistake that people preparing for the GMAT/GRE make is camping out at Barnes & Noble studying every single book every written on the test, doing tons and tons of practice problems, only to discover on Test Day that their score went up by just several points. Or worse, went down! So…what gives?

Doing thousand of problems the same way over and over again while taking dozens of practice exams serves only to continually reinforce what you are repeatedly doing wrong! Our GMAT/GRE experts short-circuit your defective approach and train you for Test Day success.

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Is using an expert consultant for my essay all that different from writing my own?

First things first: We never write anybody’s essay for them. Twaintein consultants, composed of professional writers who have worked on admissions committees at top graduate schools, have a carefully honed skill set that allows us to apply that knowledge to get results for you. Remember, application personal statements are nothing like the essays you wrote in college: you must tell a long story with few words, be detailed but big-picture, romantic but realistic, impress but not offend and, ultimately, create an irresistible urge within the reader to grant your request. Getting that request granted is what we are experts at.

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What is your track record of success?

Anyone who is considering using our services is made available a list of former clients that have used our GMAT/GRE prep classes and/or essay editing and have agreed to speak with prospective clients to share their experience. Have there been unsatisfied clients? Yes, this happens in every business and we are no exception. They are few and far between.

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Do you offer money-back guarantees?

No. There are, however, companies that do. The reason we do anything at Twainstein is the reason we do everything at Twainstein: to meet the needs of our clients. We have found that offering a high-score guarantee does nothing to increase the likelihood that our students reach it. In most cases it decreases student motivation. Instead, we guarantee any student who wishes to repeat or put on hold their class at anytime may do so for free until they feel ready for the test.

How long does the process take? When should I enlist your services?

GMAT/GRE classes run six weeks and those who are considering applying ought to start preparing for the GMAT/GRE six months prior to application season (October–March). If application consultation and essay editing is what you seek, you cannot start this process early enough; we are most effective in getting our clients results if we have 2-3 months to work with them.

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What books should I buy if I want to start studying before class starts?

Our curriculum has been specifically designed to take all of the guess-work out of our student’s hands so that they can focus their time and energy on studying rather than figuring out what to study. We recommend that students taking our class wait for the first day of class to begin studying, whereupon all necessary books and resource materials will be provided.

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