Tuesday’s Tip: Don’t Answer Directly

how to get the girl The first sentence of any graduate school application essay should never be a direct answer to the question posed. Let’s take this year’s Harvard Business School essay questions as an example. EXAMPLES: Describe something you … Continued

Time Management On The GMAT/GRE

Quick, what does the GMAT test? What about the GRE? Show of hands for math…for verbal? Ok let's take a closer look not at the content of the test but rather the intention of the test. To do that, put yourself … Continued

Tuesday’s Tip: Free Study Schedule

OK readers, I have several horses running in January for the official test and the question that keeps popping up is, “How do I study the last few weeks prior to the test?” The answer is simple, the same way … Continued

Are Application Essays Really That Important?

how to increase penis size Personal Statement essays are less an art than they are a science. This is not a free-flowing creative assignment here, folks, where you are rewarded for how organic and honest your story comes out (though … Continued

Tuesday’s Tip: “To GRE or not to GRE…”

Since the GRE was given an overhaul some 18 months ago, business schools the nation over–with Harvard Business School leading the charge–have stated that, in lieu of the GMAT, they will now accept GRE scores. This is huge news that … Continued


Normally this blog is reserved for insider GMAT/GRE tips and suggestions to make your application more complete. Instead today our minds, and likely yours too, are elsewhere. The tragedy of Newtown is one of the saddest things that can happen … Continued

Tuesday’s Tip: Insecure is OK, Meek is Not

Let’s face it, no matter what anybody says, everybody, to greater or lesser degrees, is insecure. How can we not be? We’re thrown into the big bad world, with people and events and billboards and malls and technology and relationships … Continued

Even Einstein Hired Consultants

Some folks bemoan the fact that students take test prep classes or use application consulting services, claiming that their score is an inflated representation of their ability. Or that their personal statement is “not really them”. To them we say that using this sort … Continued

Tuesday's Test Tip: Where Laziness Is Rewarded

There is a famous notion about business and life–the Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule)–which states that, for most events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Pareto, an Italian economist, discovered that 80% of the … Continued