How To Choose Which Grad Schools To Apply To

Let’s say you’ve already decided which grad school program to pursue. Now you just need to settle on a school. Herewith is Twainstein’s 2013 Grad School Selection Primer. Included in each step is a suggested timeframe for its completion. STEP … Continued

Taking the GMAT/GRE Multiple Times

Ok people, so we get this question a lot and the party line stance on it (read: adcoms official position) is that it does not matter. Though the adcoms often publicly declare things that don't reflect their behind-closed-doors opinion, in … Continued

Tuesday’s Tip: Question Bag

Answers to some great questions from this month’s (e)mail bag… Q: I heard that the first 10 questions on the GRE/GMAT can make or break your score, since it is an adaptive test. Any merit to this claim? A: No. … Continued

Tuesday’s Tip: Data Sufficiency Is NOT Math!

Ok, folks, here we go again with a review of the main stumbling block to success on the GMAT—taking it as a math test. We’ve explored in earlier blogs how the design of the question types and timing structure on the … Continued

Tuesday’s Tip: Read This Book!

The book is Immunity To Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. The two Harvard professors have written a book that flips all we know about changing human behavior on its ear. Not 20 pages in and you will never look … Continued

Tuesday’s Tip: Boosting Your Verbal Score

The verbal section of the GMAT/GRE doesn’t generally get as much love as the quantitative section and with good reason. By and large, there are easier points to capture on the quantitative portion than on the verbal. While there are … Continued

Purpose of Statement of Purpose?

With the exception of Business, Medical and Law School, the three so-called professional school that rely heavily on standardized test scores and GPA, most other grad programs, particularly doctorate level, look more for “fit” than they do test scores. While … Continued

Tuesday's Tip: Top MBA Sites

Entering the world of MBA applications and school selection can be exciting, confusing and overwhelming all at once. Herewith we've distilled, for your benefit, the most comprehensive, well-researched and well-written websites on the net for potential MBA applicants: Poets & … Continued

Using Craigslist To Find Tutoring: Tips

Using Craigslist to find a GMAT/GRE tutor is fine. Several reputable companies advertise there. Trouble is, there is also a lot of riff-raff. Below are five questions you can ask yourself to navigate through the Craigslist muck of so-called GMAT/GRE … Continued

Startling GMAT Numbers

buy autocad online Each year, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), the governing body of all things GMAT, compiles data on all GMAT test takers from around the world. This includes such demographic factors as age, geography, score, gender, overall … Continued