Your Exis(test)ial GMAT Questions Answered

Summer is often the season for standardized test re-takes. With work and school typically in remission, grad school applicants use the summer to study anew for a second–or third…dare I say fourth?–crack at hitting their target score. This summer was … Continued

Is Business School Worth It? That Depends…

There's an (not so) old joke: What do you call a failed businessman? A business school professor. Surely if the guy teaching the stuff (how to make money) knew how to apply it (make money) would he be standing in … Continued

Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

Flattery usually raises the same question as being overly polite does: What do you want? Which is why it is so dangerous to include statements that are intended to flatter the school in your application essays. Things like: “USC has … Continued

Do You Want To Kill The GMAT/GRE Writers?

No matter how naturally gifted one is at tackling GMAT questions, there comes a point during everyone's test preparation when they wonder where these diabolical questions come from and what the whereabouts of their creators are. Because they need to … Continued

Why Does The GMAT/GRE Count So Much?

General consensus among grad school admissions officers is that the GMAT/GRE accounts for 40% of an applicant’s final admissions decision. There are exceptions, of course. Some specialty programs–religious studies, speech therapy, musicology, theology, folklorian literature, to name a few–technically require … Continued

Question Bag: What Constitutes A Leader?

Q: My quant factors (gre & gpa) are all really strong…what I am worried about is my “other” stuff–especially leadership positions. How do I answer the leadership essay that all B-schools require if I don't have any leadership experience? A: Really? None. … Continued

Confused? Use It To Your Advantage

Journalist Annie Murphy Paul recently posted an article on the Mind Shift website entitled Why Confusion Can Be A Good Thing. In it, she discusses the role that confusion can play in augmenting learning. It's worth a read. Much of … Continued

GRE Fun Facts

Ever wonder who you’re competing against when you sit down to take a standardized test? Well, your loyal, hardworking Twainstein staff has done the research for you and compiled a neat little list of fun facts that may surprise you … Continued