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Twainstein was conceived as a one-stop shop to help graduate school applicants gain admission to their dream schools by walking them through every phase of the 16-week process, from GMAT/GRE preparation to school selection to fine-tuning essays and proper interview preparation.

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Twainstein borrows its name from two of the most well known scholars of the 19th and 20th centuries: Twain and Einstein. One, the brilliant writer, the other, the preeminent scientist/mathematician. Once upon a time, top business/graduate schools sought to create their entering class from Twain’s and Einstein’s; that is, they believed that a diverse class of poets and quants (Business School parlance for writers and math-heads) would complement the team-oriented atmosphere prevalent in most top business and grad schools. Today, Top 25 programs are looking for candidates who possess both. Any weakness in one area can spell doom for an applicant. Twainstein was created to bridge the gap between poets and quants so that all of our student’s GMAT/GRE scores are well-balanced and their applications complete.

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What if your GMAT/GRE score isn’t up to Top 25 Grad School snuff? Do you believe your difficulties with math or verbal doom you to a mediocre GMAT/GRE score, and thus, a mediocre grad program? Twainstein’s GMAT/GRE classes, which employ our unique 80/50 approach to mastering questions, gives our students the best chance at reaching their target score the first time out. What you thought was your best-case scenario, just got better.

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Application Consulting

What cardinal sins do most personal statements commit that seals their fate in the eyes of admissions committees? What could have been removed/added/revised or reworded that would turn an otherwise “rejected” or “waitlisted” response to an outright ACCEPTED? What words or phrases were used in describing past job descriptions or leadership accolades that will create an incongruity in the “line” of your story, forever tarnishing an otherwise stellar package? These landmines take a trained eye to suss out, and yet any one of them could easily offset a sterling GMAT/GRE score and derail your chances for admission.

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Founder Avi Lidgi
Founder Avi Lidgi

Twainstein founder Avi Lidgi is a test prep nerd extraordinaire. The kind who sets aside pressing life matters to spend hours on end doing problems from a GMAT or GRE book (he’s even written some of them). He’s also slightly (extremely) ashamed to admit that “taking standardized tests for fun” is something he used to do several times a year, before having children meant he needed to spend his money in less demented ways. (True story: taking standardized tests for fun was listed on his dating profile under hobbies when he was single.) All of this is very, very sad for Avi. But it’s great for his students! The only thing that Avi takes more seriously than discovering new ways to master standardized tests, is developing innovative ways to teach and share that knowledge with nail-biting students nervous about their own performance. Avi has but one mission in life: To upend the test prep corporate oligarchy and restore peace of mind and soaring test scores to anxious grad school applicants.

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